i do not believe in luck Gbemi


With a strong social media presence and an intimidating passion for makeup artistry, Gbemi Chris is a budding beauty entrepreneur who is carving a niche for herself with her unique and colourful face-beats.She acquired the skills for makeup artistry at Shubby’s Effect and has since moved on to hone her craft.

The History and international relations graduate  reveals to Kennisplace how she has been able to  build her Gbemichris brand into what discerning women love to patronize.


Describing my personality

I would describe my personality as an Independent,extremely determined,hardworking,happy,kind hearted,calm and reserved individual. Beyond that, I am a makeup junkie and I’m always desire to improve and learn more about my makeup skills. I strive for what I want and keep my goals in mind 24/7.


Discovering my passion for makeup-artistry

I have always had a passion  for makeup since I started growing up. When I was a kid,I would go through fashion magazines and copy the looks I liked. More so, I have always wanted to help people feel and look beautiful with or without makeup so going into the makeup business helped me achieve this. I wanted to combine my love of art with my love for people.




 Challenges of being a makeup artiste

The first challenge I had was when I was to make up for about 6-Bridal train within an hour and  half, It was tough. The other challenge is having  to be on top of your game every time.The fact is that new products and techniques are always being developed so you never stop learning. Moreover, there are so many makeup artists out there so one is also competing for jobs.


What it takes to be a professional makeup artist

It could be really tough being a makeup artist sometimes because everyone thinks they are a makeup artists nowadays. Being a professional makeup artist isn’t just swiping on some pink shadows and lip gloss on someone. Its moisturising, its priming, its matching the right foundation to the persons skin colour, its using the right kind of foundation on that person for their skin type, concealing wrinkles, dark circles, pimples,blemishes and scars. It’s highlighting and contouring properly, its shaping eyebrows and picking the right color (pretty hard!). It’s a ton of blending,its perfectly winged eyeliner,its applying lashes and making them blend in (thats the point.) It’s knowing and understanding different eyelids and eye shapes and knowing that what works on you is not always going to work on the other clients whose makeup you are  doing. It’s a lot of things. It’s picking the right lip colour and applying it properly. It’s a lot of learning and practicing over and over.







Definition of a beautiful woman

“Beautiful” is a sacred word. It means a lot. Being  beautiful isn’t all about the looks. A beautiful mind is what makes a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman does not do anything for anyone but herself, whether that means wearing makeup or going barefaced to work, she makes sure you know that she does not owe her looks to you.


Business philosphy

I believe this, quality is the exclusion of coincidence.This has helped me a whole lot.It goes a long way to mean hard work is the only way to success as I do not believe in luck




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