Gabriel Olatunji Legend is a young Nigerian who is making a mark in his generation. He is a multi talented personality whose gift of gab and writing is enviable .He is the author of Finding Mrs Legend, and sits atop Thought Promotions. In this interview, he reveals how he discovered his path, how he found Mrs Legend and lot’s more






What does your brand represent?
I inspire individuals and provoke them to take needed action for growth, greatness and result mostly with my writings. Basically, I represent the voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it and I keep saying it till you eventually do it.


Why do you do what you do?
Candidly, it is because I love it. When people call me or send me emails in their time of need I count it a privilege that I am the one they reached out to. I love to inspire people and I do it using every platform that goes in line with my gifting (writing, blogging, speaking, helping etc). See, I have tried many things in my life. I am the type of guy with a million and one ideas I have been into entertainment, media, PR, sales and anything you can name but one day I made a decision to come back home and start inspiring people towards transformation and greatness . I only had to think of a way to monetize it.

What is the inspiration behind Finding Mrs Legend?
I found ‘Mrs Legend’, that was the inspiration but let me explain. I have always said that the first woman I date would be my wife and so it took me time to go into a relationship. I had my first relationship in 2010 and it broke up in one year, then after sometime I got into the second one and it ended under two months, then I got into the third one and didn’t last for one month – that was when I told myself to stop because this is not me. Sometimes when I say it to people they think I was just messing around with those ladies but sex was never even in the picture for us. I made it clear from the first day that we were never going to have sex and thank God we didn’t.
After my last break-up I waited for a while and when I thought I was ready for a relationship the woman wasn’t forthcoming. I did all that there is in the book to do (I fasted, prayed, searched, shortlisted, even considered match-making). I seriously considered picking one of my close female friends before ‘Mrs Legend’ breezed in and I had no choice but to write the book ‘Finding Mrs Legend’ which is available for download online for free. It’s a story of how I found and kept her and how other people could find and keep theirs.




How can young Nigerians live their dreams?
In Nigeria living your dreams may kill you if you are not careful but if you are not ready to die don’t try to live that dream yet. That is the reason why people prefer job security over going after their dreams. Job security is not bad but if you are in it for long at the detriment of a once burning dream in your heart, you need to get out. To live your dreams you need to plan, don’t jump, if you jump you will fall and it may be fatal. Plan well. There are things I am just doing now based on new knowledge that if I had planned it earlier before venturing I will be better of. You live your dreams one day at a time because your dream is not a destination you are heading for, it is a sum total of every little thing that you do daily; if you have a big dream make sure every day is a little bit of that dream.
What is the motive behind #Youngvoices?
People need inspiration. Zig Ziglar once said that people say to him that motivation doesn’t last and his reply was ‘so does soap and water, that’s why it’s recommended daily’. There were times in my life when I would have been totally lost but for the voices I was listening to and I thought it would be great to use Africa’s No1 Blog on Inspiration platform for this purpose.I wanted people to hear true life stories of other young people like themselves and be challenged to do better and thereby helping them solve their problems.



Why did you choose to share the stories of the individuals you selected?
We choose to share their stories because I have found out that one of the most important tools of inspiration is a story. If you want a child to listen to you, tell a story same goes for an adult and as long as those individuals have a story to tell regardless of how huge it is we will tell it. We tell those stories because the seemingly little things that is shared may be a breakthrough somebody else is looking for. For instance, if I shared how I got 10k it may not inspire you but it may inspire the guy on the street.



Was there ever a time when you wanted to give up?
Yes o! Many times! Too often a time. I remember waking up one morning and I told myself that it’s time to go get a job but thank God for the Holy spirit. I am a Christian and I communicate with my God – I get a lot of encouragement and inspiration in His presence.



Gabriel Ola

How do you unwind?
Unwind? I don’t think it’s time to unwind yet my brother but maybe I see a movie even if I have seen it before and usually I just sleep off while seeing the movie but by the time I am awake I am fired up and ready to shoot.



How can Nigerians create wealth from their abilities?
This is a message I cannot exhaust here and it is a message that Mr Steve Harris, my ‘egbon’ talks about with passion. I remember him saying to me once ‘It is God’s intention that you make money from doing the things he has created you to do for free’.I have discovered that you will be miserable if you keep exhibiting your talent and you are not making money from it. This is my humble suggestion, take a sheet of paper, preferably a book and spell out your main ability. I am talking about that one thing you will rather choose over other things, and then write out different ways it can be packaged for people to pay for it. It may seem ridiculous but do it anyway. At the end of the sheet, identify someone who is currently doing those things or something related and is earning money from it. Find out how he or she does it then do the same but don’t every forget the place of God. My mentor said that he can sum up the whole success principles in the world into one sentence and it is, “Hear God and do what he says”.




Tell us about the Nigeria of your dreams?
I dream of a Nigeria where my tribe will not be used as a yardstick to judge my character, a country where the local government is like a mini country, a country where killings and maiming will not have a place, a Nigeria where the colour of our passport will be a source of pride and even other citizens of nations will strive to have one. I dream of a Nigeria that will become the most desirable nation to live in come 2025. It is our collective responsibility, if 150 million Nigerians all do what they are suppose to do, the right way, at the right time, then it will be inevitable for that dream to happen faster than 2025.








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