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The shocking truth about Olamide… plus his 5 shortcuts for using street cred to become an authority in life and in business

By Kenni
I just want to remain on top of my game. I know I have what it takes to run the show for as long as God permits me. But time will tell. I am growing by the day and I am enjoying every bit of my moment in the industry”-Olamide
I have met a lot of people like you who have got it going on….filled with vigour, incredible vision, cute business ideas and ready to change the world, but are sadly not living on life’s hall of fame. They are like me when I started out blogging. I have decided to lay it bare and tell you the truth in this piece. When I started out as a blogger, I just had the passion to share my expertise with people without learning the rudiments of blogging.Then something changed. I got my eureka moment when I deliberately started studying successful bloggers and what makes them tick ,like a musician would study the music greats in his field.
Let me ask you a question? Do you think people would pay Olamide like a 100,000 to fix the pot holes on their streets? Of course they would. Because he’s Olamide. Nobody cares if he knows about fixing street pot holes . As long it’s Olamide .A lot of people would pay simply to have him hangout with them. They’d pay because he is famous and fame makes us like people. If those likable people have products and services, we would love to patronize them.
You want to win in business, have street credibility like Olamide and become an authority in your field, then you ve got to play the game like Olamide spits punch lines in his raps. Now your goal as an entrepreneur , or whatever you are isn’t to grace the cover of Forbes magazine .Your goal is to become famous in your craft. Like the Linda Ikeji’s of blogging, the Genevieves of Movies, and the Tuface’s of music.”Famous” doesn’t have to mean, flashbulbs, Paparazzi, and being married to Kim Kardashian.

In this case, it can mean a modest amount of recognition in your field. You want to be just famous enough that when people who are interested in your niche talk amongst themselves, your name pops up…And when it does; others in the group will nod and say:” Oh yes! I know him .He is an authority on interior decoration.”Or whatever your expertise is.
To make this happen for you, you need to……
Build Your Own Tribe
According to Seth Godin, a tribe is a group of people connected to an idea. In clear terms you need to have your own fans. Fans are fanatical about the things they love. Which is what “Fan” is short for . Fans tell everyone about you. Have you tried having an argument with a diehard Olamide fan on Twitter? It usually ends in a “Tweetfight” . Every successful artiste has fans. Dbanj has fans, Tiwa Savage has fans. Wizkid has fans. People don’t just listen to their music, they from attachments to them. People don’t just say:” I listen to Olamide “.They say:”I like Olamide”. They tell their friends about Olamide, and those friends tell their other friends and suddenly a street wise kid from Bariga passionate about the streets becomes a celebrity. Little wonder he has over two hundred thousand followers on Twitter. If you want to become renowned in your business niche, you have to lose sight of seeing it as a business and start thinking of it as a stage. Yes! a stage. Stop thinking of your products and services as a medium to reach your customers/clients. When you are out there in the business stage, see yourself in the light of Olamide, a superstar who is going out there to wow the crowd (customers and clients).

Be sensational.
He calls himself Badoo- “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth, YBNL, Young Erikina…”
You ve got to Differentiate or Die
Olamide always tells anyone who cares to listen that he is not a regular rapper. He is cut from another coat. He is not just different, he is the difference. How do you differentiate yourself from the maddening crowd in your business?
Olamide has no issues with letting his genuine fragility and past experiences bleed through his verses. His honesty and street credibility connects him to his audience in a way that can’t be manufactured. They see him as one of them and one from them. In his words,:”Everybody knows my story or let me say I try to make people know my story with the way I sing .When I compose my song I always try to bring my rough days into retrospect. I remember how I waited for many years for my singles to be promoted. I always sing about the story of my life in my songs”
Your originality and open mindedness will not only take you far in business, it will make you go far in life. Your authenticity is the autograph that separates you from the pack.
Keep evolving
Heavy repetitions and little innovation lead to diminishing returns. From ‘Eniduro’ , Voice of the street, Omotoshan, Durosoke, to Yemi my lover’ , Olamide is dedicated to upping his game. He sees it this way:”I am an ambitious young man .I love to always push myself to the limits. We have a lot going on in the industry right now that will make you sit tight and buckle up.”As an artiste or entrepreneur it is important to keep grooming yourself and growing your game. No matter how good you are at what you do, you ve got to keep growing. Never rest on your laurels. Little wonder the baddest guy ever liveth Olamide, was the biggest winner at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2013 edition (NEA)


Sell what people want to buy
The key here is not just to tell a story, but to tell a story people want to hear. It’s not just about writing another song, but a song that can resonate with the audience. It’s not enough to release another product , but releasing a product that connects with the needs of your customers. That is the key to success in business. Passion ain’t just enough. You can be passionate about your new cute product, but it might not resonate with what the market needs. Olamide is a master when it comes to using his street credibility to connect with his fans. He blends punch lines, slangs, and analogies that create that wow factor in the hearts of his fans. You should do that too.
Embrace the greatness within you. You too can replicate this success story in your life and business. You are a star. Admit it.” Celebritize you” .Go out there and strut your stuff.

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