You may have seen the hypes some time last month when the teaser campaign began. BizzyBody kicked off with the Spot the Difference Contest which boasted of a lot of participants on their Instagram handle (@BizzyBodyNG)

The contest laid emphasis on the ease with which people’s moods could easily be moved from a BORED to a GROOVY state – a promise the new comer is making to Nigerians once they begin operations.

However, how they plan to achieve this will only be unveiled on the 1st of March when their website will be launched for public view.

In a statement made by the founder – Seun Ayeni, BizzyBody hopes to be the difference between the bored and the excited you, as it plans to bring fun to every Nigerian’s living room!

“We are happy with the volume of support we have received from bloggers, celebrities, event planners, event owners, entertainers and fans already, and we hope this continues into the future” says young Oladipupo Ayodeji – BizzyBody’s Creative Director. “Our relationship with all the industry players mentioned above will be a symbiotic one” – he continued.

Well, there it is… come March 1, the Nigerian cyberspace will experience the emergence of an extraordinary phenomenon.

I can’t wait to see this, and I know you probably share the same feeling too.

Meanwhile, if I were you, I’d follow them on their social platforms right now, I mean @BizzyBodyNG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Heard they love to give freebies to followers from time to time. *wink*











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