Okay I have a confession. This post was inspired by Wajusalescraft mail I got titled ‘The greatest riddle ever known to man’.

What would you do in a gold rush?

gold rush is a new discovery of gold—sometimes accompanied by other precious metals.

So when you discover a gold rush what are you going to do?

Apparently many will tell you they will mine the gold and make mega bucks thereafter. However, not everyone who mines gold will strike gold.

Just like everyone who starts a business is not guaranteed to succeed in business.

Here is what to do when you discover a gold rush, you sell shovels.

Since everyone desires to mine the gold, everyone will be in a desperate need of shovels. The more the demand for shovels, the more money you make whether the ‘Gold miners’ strike gold or not.


Now let’s contextualize this.

A lot of people start ventures without due their diligence.

Authors write books that they are in love with, not considering whether their target market would fall in love with it when it eventually comes out.

Your idea, product and service has to meet a specific need or else you will seoon be out of business.


Discovering a problem that leads to a consumer need is a sure way for an entrepreneur to start a business


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