This is the story of a prominent singer I will love to call Joe. The first time I saw him was over eight years ago on TV .The last time I saw him was at this year’s edition of The Headies.

The first time I saw him on TV,  I saw the glint in eyes, the harmony in his melodious voice and the fervour in his charisma.

That day at the Headies this guy who once ruled Nigerian airways with his song was a shadow of himself ; slim,befuddled and detached.

Joe mismanaged his resources when he was the reigning star. Yes he made money, headlined countless shows,but he failed to plan for the rainy day when the sun was shining. The glory he once relished, left him .

Sound Sultan in one of his song says:” On the day the sun shines, don’t forget to plan for the days rain will fall.  Ephesians 5 vs 16 says:” Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days”.

One of the costly mistakes entertainers make(not only entertainers) is the mismanagement of funds .I  highlighted this and many more in my book ‘5 costly mistakes entertainers make’.

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